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Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm studying at the London College of Fashion and am doing a project on Steampunk in magazine format with an accompanying presentation and I'd really appreciate a little help.

All I need you gorgeous people to do is to show me pictures of yourselves dressed up in the style: no matter which branch of Steampunk it is, I want to see! If you are happy for me to use the pictures in my presentation, please also give a name (a nickname is fine), age and location.

Additionally, if you would be happy to talk to me about the Steampunk clubs, venues, bands or happenings in your town, wherever that may be, please also let me know! Please comment to this entry or email me at secondhanddress(at)hotmail.com.

I really appreciate any time you guys can spare. Thank you!
Amy xx

Grand Re Opening

Welcome to The Parlor, a home for Ladies and Gentlemen who enjoy Victorian related interests. I'm Maya, also known as She Who Must Be Obeyed your friendly Moderator. All activities and interests with a Victorian flair or influence are on topic.

*pops head into the parlor and waves*

I have a variety of Victorian/Neo Victorian interests: literature, architecture, clothing and corsets, crafts, ettiquette, Steampunk, fans, cameras, photography, flowers and gardens. I crochet and I used to make ribbon flowers, though I'd sadly gotten out of the habit. I've been known to overdress. My dream home would be a huge Victorian house in period colors with at least one turret.

I've created a meme for this community and placed mine under a livejournal cut.

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Georgiana close up
A Victorian Fatuation

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